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We are currently recruiting for SWTOR as we are disbaning our WoW guild.
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The end of the Maelstrom Syndicate

Nojjy, Dec 12, 11 9:26 PM.
Well, I'm not sure if any one still reads this site but I will post this here for anyone who still does. The guild has officially been dissolved, I no longer play WoW, and this will be the end of Maelstrom Syndicate. I for one have had a shit ton of fun with many of you guys over the past year+ and now its time to close this chapter and turn the page. Tomorrow EGA starts in SWTOR and we will be getting in (hopefully) some time this week. I encourage all of you to join us in SWTOR if you are interested! Our guild there is called Forsaken and we are on the server "Wound in the Force" it is a PVP server on the West Coast time frame. I know there was a bit of issues with some of you in the end being removed prematurely etc. and I hope you can ALL look past it and join us in SWTOR. For more information on our new guild and game please visit us at

It's been a lot of fun and I hope to see you all in SWTOR!


Our SWTOR Guild

Nojjy, Nov 9, 11 7:15 PM.


    On a side note it looks as if we will be doing a guild bank give a way and a few final events in WoW over the next month before our 12/15/11 sign off!! So be sure to stick around till then as we will be giving away all the contents of the bank as well as gold etc. Stay up to date with all the events posted on the in game calendar!
    As a final reminder on 12/15/11 we will be "disbaning" the Maelstrom Syndicate and will be removing all guild members from the guild at that time. Feel free to discuss on the forums here about where to go next etc.

See you all in game! (for a little while longer)

-The Noj

Meeting Recap

Nojjy, Oct 30, 11 12:47 PM.
I know many of you were unable to attend our guild meeting last night so as usual I am going to be doing a recap here!

To start as the previous post stated many of us will be making the transition to SWTOR as soon as it goes live!! Yes we will be creating a guild over there and would love for as many of you as possible to join us, we will be rolling Sith on a PVP server!! If you are interested in joining us over there please just simply comment on this post so we can include you in future meetings/discussions. We will be having several meetings over the upcoming weeks to discuss what we will be calling the guild as well as some changes to rules etc.

In regards to the Maelstrom Syndicate: I have had to make a very hard decision and I have decided that once SWTOR goes live we will be removing everyone from guild, the reasons behind this are as follows: When patch 4.3 hits servers there will be a guild leader replacement system that will be implemented. Essentially if a guild leader goes inactive for 30 days it allows someone of a lower rank to basically click a button and take control of the guild. I am not ready to just turn over the reigns to anyone in particular as I have invested to much time and money into this guild to simply pass it off. If all of the current officers weren't joining us in SWTOR then the decision would be simple and I would turn over leadership to them. Again I know this decision will be one that upsets many of you and I apologize in advance. The reason behind this is SWTOR is a brand new game and may flop (I don't expect it to) but in the event it does I will be coming back to WOW and I refuse to just start over fresh.

Now then with all of that being said many of you are left asking yourself where do I go? That answer is up to you, I have created a forum Where do I go from here?? for you guys to discuss possible options such as, create a new guild, join an existing guild etc. I will leave the forum open to the general public for you guys to discuss your options etc. I will also be available to discuss with you other options/ideas.

Finally we will be creating an email list for if the Maelstrom Syndicate does reform we will send out a mass email to everyone notifying them of this. So if you wish to be on that list simply email with your toon name and state in the subject line "Mailing list". That wraps it all up for now again any questions/comments/complaints get with any officer or myself and we will try to help as best we can!

PS: Do not come to any officer saying I should have the guild, give it to me, I can run it and give it back etc. Those options are not up for discussion and will not even be discussed at this time.

See you all in game!

-The Noj

The Maelstrom Syndicate goes SWTOR!

Nojjy, Oct 22, 11 12:15 PM.
As some of you may or hell may not know, many of us including a large number of the officers will be heading over to SWTOR upon its release. We will be holding an officer's meeting this evening to discuss the future leadership changes to this guild and will also be having an open guild meeting next Sat. the 29th at 9:30 PM. We would love for as many of you as possible to show up to the general guild meeting so that we can discuss who will be staying in the World of Warcraft and who will be joining us in our new guild in SWTOR. Please sign up on the guild calendar in game if you can attend and get with myself or any other officers with additional questions/comments/concerns/etc.

See you all in game!


Guild Meeting this Friday 9/30/11 @ 9:15 PM Server!

Nojjy, Sep 25, 11 10:55 AM.
There is going to be a guild meeting this upcoming Friday night in Vent to go over a big change that we will be implementing beginning the very next day! We have made a decision to to switch from Vent to Mumble for our VOIP (Voice Over IP) needs of the guild. Mumble is a higher audio resolution, less lag/latency, and best of all it's CHEAPER! So Please sign up on calendar in game and attend as we will be explaining how to get set up in the new Mumble server etc. Please be sure to go ahead and download the client on your PC first and be 100% CERTAIN to go through the audio setup when you first start the software. You only have to do it the first time but it is what makes the audio sound SOOO much better!

Download Mumble

Pricing of VOIP Servers

Also during this meeting we will be kicking off the celebration for the guild's birthday! We will be passing out gifts, sharing stories, and of course having some cake!! Festivities will take place during the guild meeting and will continue throughout the day on Saturday! We will be celebrating our guild's birthday party at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran City as this will be our official party spot as well as where the guild meeting will be held. In addition throughout the day on Saturday I will be logging in at different times on different toons and those guild members located within the lounge at those times will be able to roll on additional guild gifts!

ALSO! We are still a few bucks short of being able to pay for our first 6 months of Mumble so if you have a few extra bucks you can spare click the PayPal link in the upper right hand corner of this page and help us out! This stuff isn't free and a HUGE thanks goes out to those who have already donated! No amount is to small and it all helps keep our voice servers up and going!

On a final note please be sure to read the below post about finding our guild a home! Please be sure to be logged in so you can vote on the poll!!

See you all in game!

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